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Special price Core SWX PowerBase EDGE V-Mount Battery for BMD Pocket 4K & 6K

Core SWX PowerBase EDGE V-Mount Battery for BMD Pocket 4K & 6K

  • Small Form Cine V-Mount Battery 49wh, 14.8v
  • With Canon LP-E6 Battery Cable
  • Normal Runtime: approx. 4 hours (BMD Pocket 4K)
  • Includes one 8V port to power various cameras
  • 2x USB output
  • 2x power tap outputs, one of which being a SmartTap
  • Built-in runtime LCD
  • Quick release plate

The Edge will power the BMD Pocket 4k for 4 hours continually, vs. a standard LPE6 battery pack which only provides 45min, making it a perfect solution for production.

Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
One year warranty included!
Special price Beillen BL-N-BP98 V-Mount Li-Ion Battery

Beillen BL-N-BP98 V-Mount Li-Ion Battery

  • 97.92 Wh / 6.8 Ah / 14.4 V
  • Full capacity: 97.92 Wh
  • Output connector type: 1 x D-Tap, 1 x 5V USB
  • Dimension: 95 x 152 x 37 mm V-Lock
  • Weight: 710 g
  • Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Type: V-Mount
In stock. Ships in 1 to 2 days.
One year warranty included!
Special price JVC SSL-JVC50 IDX Li-Ion Battery GY-HM620/660, GY-HM200 And GY-LS300CHE

JVC SSL-JVC50 IDX Li-Ion Battery GY-HM620/660, GY-HM200 And GY-LS300CHE

IDX lithium spare battery for the GY-HM200  / GY-HM620 / GY-HM660 / GY-LS300CHE camcorders.

Providing a minimum of 4900mAh and 37Wh of capacity, the SSL-JVC50 communicates battery data to the camera viewfinder to provide battery voltage and remaining capacity. Like all professional broadcast batteries manufactured by IDX the SSL-JVC50 has optimum safety features such as over charge, over discharge and overload protection.

In stock. Ships in 1 to 2 days.
Two year warranty included!


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