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Blackmagic gear

Rigs, lenses, microphones and fiber optic adapters for Blackmagic cameras

Blackmagic rigs

Blackmagic rigs

We are official Vocas distributor. Vocas develops innovative, high-quality matte boxes, focus controllers, shoulder supports, DSLR rigs and other accessories you can enhance and customize your camera equipment. Vocas offers camera accessories and rigs for all leading camcorder manufacturers such as BlackMagic, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, RED, Sony, ...

Below you can find some of the most popular Vocas rigs for Blackmagic cameras available for purchase in our store. Complete range of Vocas products and rigs for Blackmagic cameras can be found here - Please contact us if you would like to purchase Vocas products not yet listed in our store.

Lenses for Blackmagic cameras

We stock Canon EF lenses, Panasonic and Olympus MFT lenses and Metabones EF to MFT adapters for Blackmagic cameras

Microphones for Blackmagic CAMERAS

For Blackmagic cameras we recommend Azden shotgun and wireless microphones. Creating the newest, most technologically advanced audio products has been a tradition at Azden for over 60 years. Started as an OEM manufacturer for many of the world’s best-known quality brand names, Azden in the past 28 years has established its own brand identity. Today, the name “Azden” is synonymous with quality, around the world. The 92-channel 105 Series and the 188-channel 310/330 Series UHF portable systems are rapidly being accepted as the best performing systems for those broadcast professionals wanting maximum flexibility of transmitter options and quality, at a reasonable price.

Fiber optic cables and adapters for Blackmagic cameras

We are also official FieldCast distributor. FieldCast is not just a cable, it is a fiber optic system, enabling you to implement fiber optics fast, easy and efficiently, indoor and outdoor, in the studio and in the field. The very powerful FieldCast Adapter Two Hybrid for Blackmagic Design Studio Camera links bi-directional video, full camera control and power to the camera over just one FieldCast 2Core Hybrid cable, enabling the user to freely move inside of the studio or bridge longer distances in the field without any battery or local power supply.

Below you can find some of the most popular FieldCast products for Blackmagic cameras available for purchase in our store. Complete range of FieldCast fiber products can be found on our FieldCast page. There you will also find answers to FieldCast frequently asked questions regarding fiber solutions for Blackmagic cameras.


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