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JVC RM-LP25U Remote Control Panel

JVC RM-LP25U Remote Control Panel

Local remote control panel for the GY-HM790E camcorder. (Plus discontinued GY-HD251, GY-HD201, GY-HD200 models).
The RM-LP25U Operator control panel (OCP) works with the RM-HP790DE camera control unit to offer extensive control options including paint, iris, gamma level, knee and black level.

Key Features:

  • Joystick dual control of iris level and master black
  • Rackmountable
  • F stop LED display
  • 5 user memory scene file settings
  • 5m captive cable
  • Extension cable accessory options
  • Compatible with Camplex CP-301C base station



  • KA-280U 26p In-line Cable Connector
  • KA-M790G Multicore Studio Adaptor
  • RM-HP790DE Camera Control Unit for HD/SD Cameras
Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
Two year warranty included!
JVC RM-HP790DE Camera Control Unit For HD/SD Cameras

JVC RM-HP790DE Camera Control Unit For HD/SD Cameras

The RM-HP790DE Camera control unit, 26p HD-SDI for GY-HM790 (and discontinued GY-HD250/251) camcorders.
When used in combination with a multi-core equipped GY-HM790 or GY-HD250 camera the RM-HP790DU allows users to build an economical fully digital HD studio system. Both HD or SD component and SDI video are supported, giving users the flexibility to use a either a component switcher or SDI switcher. Lossless SDI output from the camera can be delivered to the switcher when a multicore/BNC hybrid camera cable is utilized.

Key Features:

  • Camera control up to 100m via multicore cable
  • HD and SD analogue component signals
  • HD/SD SDI in and out
  • Full access to camera menu - enables control of functions such as Detail Enhancement and Knee Point adjustment
  • Cable extension up to 100 meters
  • Full auto shooting
  • Variable gain control - in 0.1 or 1.0dB steps



  • FS-790PNACG Neutrik Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PNARG Neutrik Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PNVCG Neutrik Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PNVRG Neutrik Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PSACG SMPTE Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PSARG SMPTE Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PSVCG SMPTE Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790PSVRG SMPTE Hybrid Fibre System
  • FS-790TNCG Neutrik Tactical Fibre System
  • FS-790TNRG Neutrik Tactical Fibre System
  • FS-CABHYB100 30m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB100S 30m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB200 65m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB200S 65m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB500 160m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB500S 160m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB700 230m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABHYB700S 230m SMPTE311 Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABTAC100 30m Tactical Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABTAC1000 330m Tactical Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABTAC200 65mTactical Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABTAC2000 660m Tactical Fibre Cable
  • FS-CABTAC500 160m Tactical Fibre Cable
  • FS-L-REEL Large Cable Reel
  • FS-S-REEL Small Cable Reel
  • KA-280U 26p In-line Cable Connector
  • KA-551U Tripod Plate (V-wedge) for GY-HM800 Series
  • KA-790G Studio Mounting Adaptor
  • KA-M790G Multicore Studio Adaptor
  • RM-LP25U Remote Control Panel
  • VF-HP790G Studio Viewfinder
Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
Two year warranty included!
Bradley Universal Remote Camera Panel 3 with Joystick for up to 4 Cameras

Bradley Universal Remote Camera Panel 3 with Joystick for up to 4 Cameras

The controller can address up to 4 cameras, of different types (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Bradley, etc.) with up to 99 cameras on a system. Camera type selection is via the menu and internal DIP switches set which 4 cameras are to be addressed.

  • Standard Size
  • 4 Camera control
  • Multiple camera types
  • Mutliplexed control data
Normally ships in 21 to 28 days.
One year warranty included!
JVC RM-LP250S IP Camera Remote Control Panel

JVC RM-LP250S IP Camera Remote Control Panel

The RM-LP250S is a single-camera IP based remote control panel for JVC's CONNECTED CAM (GY-HC500 & GY-HC900) models. It features versatile dial and joystick control iris functions and connects using ethernet. (RJ-45)

Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
Two year warranty included!
Datavideo RMC-180 - PTZ Camera Control Unit

Datavideo RMC-180 - PTZ Camera Control Unit

Datavideo RMC-180 - PTZ Camera Control Unit

SKU: DAT DATA-RMC180 (2205-1500)
  • Supports up-to 4 Datavideo PTC-150 cameras
  • Individually set the white balance, iris, gain, focus and other parameters of each camera
  • Automatically saves settings of every PTC-150, including PTZ setting and video parameters; each PTZ camera has 50 PTZ preset positions and 4 shortcut keys and video calibration parameters.
  • Easy operation, fast response and automatic and manual control
  • Smooth manual control professional PTZ joystick
  • PTZ joystick speed control
Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.
One year warranty included!
Datavideo RMC-300A Camera Control Unit

Datavideo RMC-300A Camera Control Unit

  • Camera Control Unit
  • Remote Control via Ethernet or RS-422 serial port
  • Control up to 24 Datavideo PTZ/block cameras, 14 presets for each camera
  • Easy setup via the user friendly UI
  • Control
  • Axis zoom: adjustment knob
  • Axis pan/tilt: joystick
  • Firmware upgrade & tablet charging by USB
Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.


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