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Sony PXW-X200 - XDCAM Handheld Camcorder


Three 1/2-type Exmor™ CMOS Full HD sensor XDCAM camcorder with 17x zoom lens and XAVC recordings.

  • Three 1/2" Exmor CMOS Sensors
  • Resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps
  • 10-Bit 4:2:2 XAVC Intra/Long Codecs
  • MPEG HD422, HD420, IMX, & DV Codecs
  • 17x Zoom Lens
  • 29.3-499mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Dual SxS Memory Card Slots
  • 3G-SDI Output
  • Genlock In, Time Code In/Out
  • Wi-Fi Remote Control via Included Module
Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
One year warranty included!
Price 6.170,00 € is valid for payments via proforma invoice with advance payment via bank transfer. For payments with credit card there is a 2% transaction fee (price of this product when paid with credit card is 6.293,40 €).


Full HD XAVC Intra/Long GOP recordings and MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps with superb picture quality for broadcast applications such as newsgathering and documentaries

The PXW-X200 is a compact XDCAM camcorder with three 1/2-type Exmor CMOS sensors for high sensitivity and low noise recordings in Full HD XAVC Intra and XAVC Long GOP, as well as MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps MPEG HD 420 35 Mbps, MPEG IMX and DV.

As the successor to the popular PMW-200, the PXW-X200 has many advanced features, including dual SxS memory card slots for simultaneous recordings (MPEG HD exFAT and UDF recording)*, SDXC card compatibility (exFAT recordings only)*, cache recordings, Slow & Quick function, a 3.5 inch-type QHD (960 x 540) colour LCD panel and a 17x Fujinon professional HD zoom lens with three independent rings with end stops, able to zoom from 29.3mm to 499mm (35mm equivalent). The PXW-X200 also has a built-in wireless operation capability, and offers remote control and monitoring via smartphones and tablet devices, simultaneous proxy file recording while live QoS Streaming*, proxy editing* and remote browsing and file transfer to an FTP server*. The camcorder’s user menu is also customisable and can be password locked to prevent unnecessary changes*.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.

Superb picture quality
Three 1/2-type Exmor™ CMOS sensors for high sensitivity and low noise images.

Multi-format recordings, including XAVC
Full HD XAVC Intra and XAVC Long GOP, as well as MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps MPEG HD 420 35 Mbps, MPEG IMX and DV.

Professional features
Dual SxS memory card slots for simultaneous recordings, SDXC card compatibility (exFAT recordings only), cache recordings, Slow & Quick function and a 3.5 inch-type QHD (960 x 540) colour LCD panel.

17x Fujinon professional HD zoom lens
Independent focus, zoom and iris rings with end stops, able to zoom from 29.3mm to 499mm (35mm equivalent).

Enhanced wireless capabilities and field operations
The PXW-X200 offers remote control, file transfer, monitoring via smartphones and tablet devices, and streaming. You can rough cut edit using the Content Browser Mobile (CBM) application, as well as record proxy files while live QoS Streaming. Remote browsing and file transfer of files to your broadcast station is also possible.


Three 1/2-inch type Exmor™ CMOS Full HD sensors offer superb picture qualityThe PXW-X200 incorporates three 1/2-inch type Full-HD Exmor™ CMOS sensors to achieve high resolution, high sensitivity, low noise, and wide dynamic range. With these image sensors, the PXW-X200 achieves a high sensitivity of F12 at 1080/59.94i and F13 at 1080/50i – essential levels for professionals shooting under challenging lighting conditions.

17x professional HD zoom lens with three independent rings with end-stop and large focal length
The PXW-X200 is equipped with a 17x Fujinon professional HD zoom lens able to zoom from 29.3mm to 499mm (35mm equivalent). The 1/2-inch type lens has three independent control rings with end-stop, which allows manual control of focus, zoom and iris, making for better and faster adjustment.

High quality XAVC Intra and XAVC Log GOP recordings
The PXW-X200 supports not only MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps in MXF (Material eXchange Format), which is widely accepted by major broadcasters worldwide, but also XAVC Intra and XAVC Long GOP codecs. XAVC technology is based on the H.264 standard, which provides an exceptional performance compression technology. XAVC Intra (frame) compression means that every frame is encoded independent of the other frames – providing a better quality picture, without compromises. With a Long GOP codec, only certain frames are encoded individually. This allows the codec to squeeze the video into a much smaller bitrate than Intra technology. The main benefit is faster ingest and editing. XAVC Long GOP files also require less storage space than XAVC Intra files, providing budget savings on recording media. The XAVC codec adopts 10-bit sampling for high definition recording with rich tonal expression.

Switchable recordings for greater flexibility
As well as shooting XAVC HD, MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps and MPEG HD 420 35 Mbps, the PXW-X200 also supports DVCAM at 25 Mbps in MXF file format and MPEG IMX at 50 Mbps in UDF mode. MPEG HD 422 gives a high quality image with more detailed colour reproduction, as well as being ideal for chromakeying. High-quality MPEG HD422 50 Mbps is fully compliant with the latest EBU recommendations for long-form broadcast production and is widely accepted in broadcasting stations and production houses. This recording capability makes the PXW-X200 ideal for a wide range of broadcast applications, including newsgathering and documentary production.

Compatible with SDXC and SxS memory cards
The camcorder is compatible with SxS PRO+ and SxS-1 memory cards. XQD and SDHC cards can be also used with an appropriate card adaptor. In addition, SDXC cards can be used to record exFAT files only*.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.

Dual SxS media slots
The camcorder is equipped with two SxS memory card slots, which can record in either Simul or Relay mode. Simul mode permits simultaneous recording to two memory cards, including simultaneous recordings of MPEG HD exFAT and UDF recordings*. Relay mode automatically switches recording from the first to the second memory card when the first is full.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.

Customisable menu with lock function*
Typically associated only with high-end camcorders, this feature allows you to pick and organize frequently used menu items – similar to the bookmark feature of a web browser. By using this feature, you can save a lot of time with no need to repeatedly search for specific menu items. In addition, the user menu can be locked with a 4-digit passcode to ensure there are no unnecessary changes.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.

Near Field Communication* (NFC) function with Content Browser Mobile™
Near Field Communication (NFC) function with Content Browser Mobile™ A Near Field Communication (NFC) function allows easy, one-touch wireless LAN connection to a smartphone or tablet device without manual setting of the network parameters. The Content Browser Mobile* application enables users to monitor the currently shot video and to wirelessly control camcorder settings such as focus, zoom, iris, white balance, REC START/STOP, and more.

* This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Proxy recording with live QoS Streaming*
The camcorder can record proxy video H.264 on an SD card while live streaming to air. The lightweight proxy video files are generated separately from the main line recording and recorded to SD cards for quick sharing of content over low-bandwidth mobile networks. QoS Streaming allows images to be streamed live from the camcorder for viewing at a remote location. Data transfer rate, specified by two image quality menu settings (1280x720p and 640x360p), can be selected to suit the network environment being used. HD recording on internal media is available at XAVC HD 422/10-bit and MPEG HD*. There is no need for separate PC set-up, everything can be set on the camcorder’s menu. Please note proxy recording is only available with QoS Streaming, it is not supported with non-QoS live streaming.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.

Rough cut proxy editing, remote browse and wireless file transfer and streaming*
You can create a rough cut edit on a smartphone or tablet using the Content Browser Mobile application and export the EDL with trimmed proxy or high-resolution files directly to a non-linear editor for editing, when recording on UDF or exFAT. Users can simply attach the supplied Wireless LAN module to activate the wireless function on the camcorder. By connecting with separately sold internet routers, proxy or high-resolution files can be transferred to a cloud server, and the editing process can be started while location shooting continues. The camcorder also has a streaming capability. By attaching a separately sold LTE USB module**, live video and audio can be streamed, watched, and recorded at a remote location. It is also possible to remotely browse the content shot on location from the broadcast station and pull files from the camcorder as required.

* Requires Version 2.2 or higher firmware.
** This function works only with compatible modules.

Cache recording
Once activated, the camcorder continuously streams audio and video into its internal memory. When the REC START/STOP button is pressed, content buffered in the camcorder’s memory is recorded onto the memory card at the start of the recording clip. The caching period can be set at up to 15 seconds. This function is useful when shooting a developing situation such as during news gathering, so as not to miss a critical moment.

Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) for flexible connection without XLR cable
The camcorder is equipped with a Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) that has an electric interface in its mechanical attachment allowing the camcorder to communicate with an attached accessory. Accessories attached to the MI Shoe can be controlled by the camcorder. Using an MI Shoe connection, the audio signal from a UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 wireless microphone package can be input from the wireless microphone receiver to the camcorder without an XLR cable. The power can be supplied from the camcorder to the receiver and a battery is not required for the receiver operation. So, for example, if the HVL-LBPC video light is attached to the MI Shoe, video light power can be switched on and off from the camcorder.

3.5 inch-type QHD (960x540) colour LCD panel
The camcorder is equipped with a large, easy-to-read, 3.5 inch-type QHD colour LCD panel, which helps to achieve precise focus control. This LCD panel also displays a range of information in support of shooting operations.

0.45-type LCD viewfinder
The camcorder has the 0.45-type 1.23M pixels (852 x 480) LCD viewfinder (16:9).

Slow & Quick motion
A Slow & Quick Motion function is available on the camcorder. The recording frame rate can be selected from 1 frame per second (fps) to 60 fps both in 1080P and 720P format to create high-quality slow motion or quick motion images. The selectable frame rate depends on the CODEC selected in the camera.

ND filters
The camcorder is equipped with a three position ND filter. Clear, 1/8ND or 1/64ND can be chosen.

Picture Profile
The camcorder has Picture Profile function. The settings can be saved on a SxS memory card and shared with the other PXW-X200 camcorders.

Wide choice of connections
The camcorder offers numerous connections to suit the broadcast workflow, including 3G HD-SDI, HDMI®, USB, composite output, timecode input/output and genlock input. The 3G-SDI connector is able to output the 1080/59.94P or 50P signal. Down-conversion output from HD to SD is also possible. The i.LINK connector can be used for HDV when SP 1440 (FAT) mode is selected and for DV when DVCAM (FAT) mode is selected. Simultaneous output from both SDI and HDMI is possible. The Rec Trigger signal can be sent through SDI to link an external recording device.

Timecode and Genlock
The camcorder is equipped with timecode input/output (selectable) and genlock input interfaces. These interfaces are useful when shooting with multiple camcorders. The video signal timing and the timecode can be synchronized among the camcorders, and this helps when assembling video clips from multiple camcorders in the editing process.

GPS functionality
The camcorder is equipped with a GPS device. The GPS data is automatically recorded in two file locations.

Catalyst Browse software from Sony
Free clip management tool for both PC & Mac that supports all Sony professional formats.
 Review footage on location, add metadata and review colour corrections. Seamless upgrade to advanced Catalyst Prepare media preparation tool.

Included in the box

  • Lens hood (1), pre-installed to the Camcorder
  • EVF large eyecup (1), pre-installed to the Camcorder
  • Infrared Remote Commander (1)
  • Wireless LAN module IFU-WLM3 (1)
  • Accessory shoe kit (1)
  • Battery pack BP-U30 (1)
  • Battery charger BC-U1 (1)
  • Power Code (1)
  • USB cable (1)
  • Audio connecting cable (1)
  • Shoulder strap (1)
  • Lithium battery (CR2032 for data backup) (1), Pre-installed to the Camcorder
  • Lithium battery (CR2025 for the IR Remote Commander) (1), Pre-installed to the IR
  • Remote Commander
  • Warranty booklet (1)
  • “Before Using this Unit” (1)
  • CD-ROM “Operating instructions” (1)

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