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JVC DT-X series monitors: DT-X53F / DT-X73F / DT-X92F / DT-X93Hx2


As an extension of JVC monitor portfolio, we can now offer the DT-X series of monitors with new small panel sizes. These are ideal to be used on cameras, or as control monitors in a system rack (DT-X93Hx2).

All monitors are full HD resolution, are very robust and have a wide range of accessories. The monitors support 3G HD-SDI and input signals up to 2048x1080 50/60P. The individual models DT-X53 / X73 / X92 are equipped with waveform/vectorscope and histogram measurement tools, and there’s even a row selector for the waveform display. 16-channel audio level metering and all standard marker functions are also integrated.

The monitors’ function keys can be programmed with your favourite functions. If you use the monitors out on location, we would recomment the PRO package, which also comes with a robust transport case and other useful accessories.

For image control in playout or OB van applications, there’s the DT-X93Hx2 – a dual 9” 1920x1200 pixels rack-mounted monitor. This unit has all the basic functions from the DT-X series, except the waveform/vector/histogram functions, which were removed to keep the costs as low as possible.

The DT-X Series of portable 7-inch LCD monitors provides an affordable high quality solution for field and studio applications. The three monitors in the range offer 1024x600 resolution with a 160-degree viewing angle, and can display 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p video signals at a variety of frame rates. The fully-featured DT-X71F HD-SDI / HDMI monitor has waveform, vectorscope, RGB histogram, dual tally lights, focus assist, zebra, 16-channel audio meter, time code and internal colour bars.

JVC DT-U17 Multi-interface 4K HDR 17.3

JVC DT-U17 Multi-interface 4K HDR 17.3" studio monitor

  • 17.3-inch UHD 8-bit IPS panel
  • HLG and PQ-HDR capability
  • Built-in 3D-LUT
  • Built-in Auto Calibration (only external sensor is needed)
  • IP Remote control
  • 12G-SDI In/Out
Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
Two year warranty included!
JVC DT-U24 Multi-interface 4K HDR 23.8

JVC DT-U24 Multi-interface 4K HDR 23.8" studio monitor

  • 23.8-inch UHD 10-bit IPS panel
  • HLG and PQ-HDR capability
  • Built-in 3D-LUT
  • Built-in Auto Calibration (only external sensor is needed)
  • IP Remote control
  • 12G-SDI In/Out
Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
Two year warranty included!


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