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Multiview Pro

Multiview Pro is the upgraded professional version of Kiloview Multiview Player delivering centralized management of multiple NDI© streams with monitoring and real-time switching.


It allows adding unlimited NDI sources for monitoring through on-premise NDI servers or Discovery Server. Multiview Pro supports decoding multiple channels of Full NDI, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3 video streams from any vendor in resolutions up to 4K 60p to your display (Max 20 channels per window), PC HDMI port or via NDI.


Multiview Pro is the only Multiviewer that can receive and output video sources virtually to achieve the functions of both server-based and cloud-based video monitoring and switching.


It allows any user on the same network access by scanning a QR code or via a browser URL, including mobile devices. It’s the perfect match for our new Panel Deck or any advanced application to make the impossible possible.



Easily set each screen in Preview (PVW) mode/ Program (PGM) mode to control the NDI streams’ tally status. Real-time switching between ‘Preview’ and ‘Program’ mode with tally signal helps to maximize the flexibility of the video production.


Add up to 20 NDI streams per screen, and unlimited screens per Multiview Pro player in NDI, NDI|HX2, NDI|HX3, limited only by server performance. The system automatically adjusts the NDI input to either the main or sub stream.


Kiloview Multiview Pro can automatically discover NDI sources on your network with the integration of NDI Discovery server. Or add devices by IP address ensuring you don’t miss any NDI® sources.


Monitor multiple Full NDI, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3 sources using Multiview Pro as a multi-window screen, with PIP (Picture in Picture), PBP (Picture by Picture) or 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/16/20 grids. Fully customizable layout by simple drag and drop with video thumbnail, name and resolution – width, height, horizontal and vertical alignment are all adjustable. 


Kiloview Multiview Pro can mix the multi-window video flows into NDI streams as NDI sources to your local network with custom resolutions and frame rates. The selected Multiview Pro can also be displayed on any monitor through the HDMI port.




Kiloview Intercom Server Pro


Kiloview Intercom Server Pro (KIS Pro) is a multi-channel communication system that features with brand new UI, unlimited channels of intercom, efficient group management and better user management, KIS Pro is your best option to built a safe and stable communication for your live production. With support of the whole Kiloview ecosystem, KIS Pro unleashes its power for every end user to maximize their production capabilities.


KIS Pro is completely IP-based with WebRTC protocols. Its server can be deployed on air and on-premise with no more device needed. There are multi ways to get access into KIS Pro including Web, KIS Deck, Kiloview converters and mobile devices. Just talk and listen without extra charge.



KIS Pro sets no limit of intercom channels adding. With its efficient group management, no matter how many channels are in operation, your can always make sure everyone is in the right channel.


  • You can create multi groups in the backstage of KIS Pro
  • With Independent pages of each group, KIS Pro now has clear vision of all individual users
  • The group manager also has direct control of all the channels within the group including Mute all, and Unmute all
  • One click to switch channel
  • Assign an 1:1 call with any channel



KIS Pro can be widely deployed in the multi-terminal communication scenarios such as broadcasting, TV programs, live shows, emergency rescue, news-gathering, large-scale events, remote production, or video conferences.





KiloLink Server

KiloLink Server Free is a free centralized KILOVIEW product management platform based on KiloLink, the patented technology of KILOVIEW.


With KiloLink technology, the KiloLink Server Free optimizes the process of IP-base video transmission to remotely bulk upgrade, restore, reset or restart any paired KILOVIEW products with a  few clicks. 


With detailed management modules, you can manage a single catalog or a specific device as you need.  Also, you can control the system permission of each user group and a specific user with a super admin account.



KiloLink Server Free can manage all KILOVIEW devices, including KILOVIEW encoders, decoders, NDI converters, Cradle series, etc. Both cloud and on-premises deployment are supported. (KiloLink Server Pro can manage all KILOVIEW products, including both hardware devices and software systems.) 


In the device management section, you can easily monitor the basic parameters and status of the videos, audio and network.


Switching to the maintenance mode, the users are allowed to restart/reset the devices and upgrade the firmware with a simple few clicks.


For remote management of multiple devices, KiloLink Server Free provides an efficient workflow, a safer data transmission, and a better user experience.


Simply with Chrome, Edge, Safari and other browsers, you can log into KiloLink Server Free.  You can easily check device status, preview (or thumbnails), configure device parameters, turn on and off streaming push, control device start/stop, PTZ control ……, etc. via PC, Pad or smartphone without any software installation.


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