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Wondercube iReporter Virtual Studio - platform for managing newsroom content with virtual studio and playout for news (PCR)


News Management Complete System. V.D.M. archiving - research - playlist - Virtual Studio - automatic audio/video news control room

This bundle includes:

  • W3-Video-Data Manager I Insert License (2 users)
  • W3-Video-Data Manager B Browsing License (2 users)
  • W3-Video-Data Manager S Scheduler & Player (2 users)
  • W3 – V.D.M.- M.A.M Licence
  • Virtual Video Mixer and Virtual Studio in HD integrated with V.D.M. Scheduling System: Automatic management of: Cameras, Microphones, Graphics, Virtual Set.
  • PC for mix and playout (PCR)
  • PC for virtual studio
  • System instalation and education
Normally ships in 14 to 21 days.
Price 13.450,00 € is valid for payments via proforma invoice with advance payment via bank transfer. For payments with credit card there is a 2% transaction fee (price of this product when paid with credit card is 13.719,00 €).


Wondercube iReporter virtual studio

VDM: Video Data Manager is the New web-based WonderCube solution to manage content in your editorial staff.
VDM means digital archiving, sharing, social and automation of production processes of each editorial staff. The entire archive is available through the company network or web browser remotely, by multiple users, simultaneously.


  • Archiving software web based (video-images) and cross-platform. Supported pc windows / Linux, mac smart phone (ios / android) and tablets.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with responsive layout.
  • Upload data with resume in case of connection loss.
  • Preview h264 in low quality visible even remotely.
  • Sharing multimedia uploaded to You Tube and Facebook, possibility to add custom logo.
  • Possibility to converting files stored in various formats (eg. Mkv – mov – mpg – mp4).
  • Accepted file: mpg, avi, mpg, wmv, mov, mp4, flv, ogg, 3gp, mkv, gif, jpg, png, other formats on request
  • Ability to cut clips stored to share / download even parts of the contents.
  • Customizable meta data.
  • Search by title, description, tags, meta data, personal folders and insertion date.
  • Data Stored sharing in folders and with software users.

News Archiving and Research Software

  • videos and pictures
  • playlist creatione
  • live events control assignment

Responsive Layout

  • easy and intuitive interface adapts automatically to all devices


  • sharing on YouTube & Facebook
  • customized logo insertion
  • TV station logo insertion
  • simultaneous upload on different social pages or YouTube channels of videos contents with tags and news text

Metadata, Editing, Sharing

  • customizable metadata
  • video clips cut and clip sections download
  • sharing with V.D.M. user

Remote control with Touch Screen

  • control video mixer remotely using the web controller on your surface, iPad, iPhone, Android or other touch screen device

Web based cross-platform
Usable on:

  • PC Windows/Linux
  • MAC iOS
  • Smartphone & Tablet iOS & Android

Data Upload with Resume

  • in case of internet connection loss the data already loaded are not deleted
  • preview H264 in low quality viewable even remotly

Supported Video Formats

  • MPG, A VI, WMV, MOV, MP4, FLV, OGG, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG, and other video formats on check
  • data conversion to: .mkv, .mov, .mpg, .mp4


  • combine multiple inputs together using the different multiview presets or customize the position of each element with the available Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Crop controls

Create Your Playlist

  • clips Drag & Drop from database
  • News insert and preview and text insertion
  • skip file in playlist

Simultaneous Streaming Recording and Output

  • Live Streaming to your favorite streaming providers including Facebook Live, YouTube and Ustream
  • live recording in FullHD to AVI, MP4, MPEG2 or WMV
  • output via Blackmagic card to professional recording decks and monitors
  • virtual camera support for streaming out to Skype, Google Hangouts and VLC Media Player

HD Virtual Sets with high quality Real-time Chroma Key

  • built-in virtual sets or build your own full motion zoom
  • customizable camera position presets
  • high quality chroma key
  • use with or without virtual sets to suit your production needs


  • cameras control
  • microphone control
  • graphics management
  • virtual studio

V.D.M. automatically manages video and audio channels. It's possible to assign to clips events like:

  • video output management clip or studio
  • audio output management/microphone
  • management of graphics and virtual studios available in the project

13 Transition Effects

  • Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube, CubeZoom, Vertical Wipe, Verticale Slide and Merge transitions available with 4 customizable transition buttons for easy access to your favorite effects

PC & MAC Desktop Sources

  • utilize screen capture from remote desktops running on your network
  • great for PowerPoint and Skype
  • audio capture support also available

Built-in Title Templates

  • easily add and edit a title or scoreboard from the many built-in templates or build your own using any graphics or vector editing software

4 Overlay Channels

  • video mixer includes 4 overlay channels in addition to the multiview feature
  • each overlay channel can have its own transition effect, position and border

Video presentation

Documents and links


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