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ToolsOnAir just:in - single/multi channel ingest


just:in multi is an innovative and comprehensive client/server ingest solution designed to seamlessly integrate into the production workflow of any TV station or post-production facility.

Ideal for:

  • Broadcast facilities / OB vans
  • Client-Server single / multi-channel SD / HD ingest
  • Batch, Crash and Schedule recordings with support for all professional codecs

Features overview:

  • Client-server based single / multichannel ingest.
  • Frame accurate crash, batch (RS-422), loop and schedule recording in QT, MXF, MXF OP-Atom and MP4 containers.
  • Edit-while-recording support in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC.
  • Works with qualified AJA and BMD PCI cards or Thunderbolt devices.
  • Support for all major codecs incl. XDCAM HD, ProRes and AVC-Intra.
  • Multi-channel control user interface.

Price includes initial year of maintenance.

Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.
One year warranty included!
Price 1.600,00 € is valid for payments via proforma invoice with advance payment via bank transfer. For payments with credit card there is a 2% transaction fee (price of this product when paid with credit card is 1.632,00 €).


just: in is a network-based ingest solution for all broadcast needs. Ingest single-camera, multi-camera, satellite feeds or VTR setups with crash, loop, batch and scheduled recording.

Seamlessly integrating into the production workflow of any TV station or post-production facility just:in records multiple video sources directly into Apple QuickTime, AVFoundation QuickTime, MXF OP1a (including XDCAM EX, HD, HD422 and AVC-Intra), Avid OP-Atom MXF and MP4 containers. Unlike other software design philosophies just:in unites single and multi-channel ingest into one flexible and expandable client-server ingest solution.

Reliability & Flexibility
just:in is built for 24/7 deployment and easily adapts to the shifting requirements of time-sensitive broadcast environments. Featuring fallback destinations for out-of-storage or network connection loss scenarios and safe-write logic in the event of a power outage, just:in ensures that your recordings are safe and secure. Customizable presets allow operators to quickly switch between commonly used setups. The ability to use two or more concurrent capture instances also makes just:in the ideal ingest solution for loop recording. This significantly speeds up editing in your NLE, without prior conversion in MAM systems. Using the integrated XML writer engine operators can either customize XML export by writing XML files with descriptive metadata to accompany QuickTime and MXF generated files or by writing the desired metadata set directly into the QuickTime file. Additionally, Avid Media Composer users recording into an Avid OP-Atom MXF container will enjoy an automatic project name creation function allowing addition of a “Project” field into the metadata set.

Product Deployment
just:in is a client-server solution. With the built-in video and audio previews and the single/multi-channel control panel, the ingest operator controls all available ingest machines from a single interface.

Key Features

  • Apple QuickTime MOV, Apple AVFoundation QuickTime, MXF OP1a, Avid OP-Atom MXF and MP4 container capture
  • Available as single or multi-channel setup
  • Multi-channel preview and ingest control for client-server operations
  • Gang recording support for multi-cam setups
  • Frame accurate Crash, Loop and Schedule recording
  • QuickTime reference movie support (Apple Final Cut Pro 7/X)
  • Closed Captioning Support
  • Edit-While-Recording support in Apple Final Cut Pro 7/X or Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2015.3 within QuickTime MOV and MXF containers
  • Split-While-Recording functionality
  • Infinite Chunk recording
  • Customizable end-of-recording based on timecode entry
  • Support for post-capture commands using customizable scripts (e.g. FTP upload or MAM connections)
  • Support for customizable XML Metadata as well as native QuickTime metadata entries
  • Support for external timecode sources
  • Post-production naming procedure
  • Works with live: cut
  • SCC Support

Product videos



Tehnical data

Supported Containers & Codecs

  • QuickTime (PAL, NTSC, HD, UHD/4K):
    • DV, DVCPRO25/50, DVCPRO HD
    • IMX 30/40/50
    • All ProRes codecs
    • Avid DNxHD
    • H.264 (MOV and MP4)
    • Uncompressed SD/HD in either 8- or 10-bit
    • AVC-I 50M/100M
    • Photo JPEG
    • GV HQX
    • Supported frame rates (vendor and card specific): 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60
  • MXF (PAL, NTSC, HD):
    • DV PAL, DVCPRO50
    • IMX 30/40/50
    • AVC-Intra 50M/100M
    • Avid DNxHD (Avid OP-Atom MXF ONLY!)
    • Uncompressed SD/HD in 8-bit
    • Supported frame rates (vendor and card specific): 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac Pro or Mac mini
  • OS X 10.10.5, 10.11.6 or macOS 10.12
  • AJA, Blackmagic Design or Deltacast video devices
  • For detailed system requirements please consult the online user manual or contact us

Recomended compatible accessories for ToolsOnAir just:in - single/multi channel ingest

Sonnet xMac mini Server

Sonnet xMac mini Server

Sonnet xMac mini Server


PCIe 2.0 expansion system 1RU Rackmount Enclosure for MacMini with Thunderbolt Port.

  • Adds Connectivity and Capabilities to Mac mini
  • Server Room Ready
  • Diverse PCIe Card Support
  • Thunderbolt 2 Interface
  • Supports Thunderbolt Expansion
  • Front Panel Operation
Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.
Five year warranty included!

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One year warranty included!
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Normally ships in 5 to 10 days.

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