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SKU: LUP 400
  • 400 Surface Mount LEDs with exclusive ‘True Colors’ technology
  • CRI > 95
  • LEDs with high efficiency (around 8 times brighter compared to normal LED panels)
  • LUX at 1m: 22000
  • Color temperature: variable from 5600 K to 3200 K
  • Ultra light, compact and easy to handle (2.3 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 320x340x65 mm
  • Power with battery or on mains
  • Heat-free
  • Fully dimmable from 0 to 100%
  • Flicker Free Technology
  • Ultra silent active or passive cooling mode
  • Very low consumption: just 120 W
  • Long life of the exclusive LED lamps
  • Light output: equivalent to about 2000W of a tungsten soft lamp
  • Full power illumination with SUPERPANEL special battery: about 1,75 hrs
  • Integrated filter holder
  • Remote control: Bluetooth Long Range / DMX / RDM
Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.
One year warranty included!
Price 998,00 € is valid for payments via proforma invoice with advance payment via bank transfer. For payments with credit card there is a 2% transaction fee (price of this product when paid with credit card is 1.017,96 €).


Now 36,000 Lux at 1 m

The Superpanels are the latest generation LED panels designed for photography and video shooting. The Superpanels use 400 high-quality LEDs, with high luminous efficiency, to ensure an accurate colour temperature and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). They emit an exceptionally powerful, uniform and enveloping light. Extremely lightweight, compact and handy, the Superpanels are ideal for use inside and outside the studio and they can be powered by the mains or on V-mount batteries. With 30,000 Lux at 1 m you will have all the light power you need for your footage. All Lupo Superpanels can be used with the diffuser or the dedicated softbox for an even softer light emission.

Flicker free. Perfect for video shootings. In studio or on location

All models in the Superpanel range are designed to make life easier for professionals in the photographic and video industry, and silent operation is one of the key features of all of our lighting products. The high-frequency electronics guarantee a truly flicker-free operation even for high-speed video shooting. Put the Superpanel Soft to the test. You will be more than satisfied with it.

Robust and reliable

The Superpanel Dual Color 30, like all LED panels, LED Fresnels and Lupo accessories, was developed to provide professional performances and is built with high quality components. Lupo products are designed to be reliable over time. The eye-catching design and the functionality of the Superpanel Dual Color 30 are the highlights of this compact, versatile and incredibly powerful new generation LED panel. LEDs were chosen for their high colour rendering (CRI > 96, TICI > 98) and for their colour temperature accuracy. By choosing a model from the Superpanel range you will be sure you are relying on a high quality and professional product.

Built-in DMX. Available in the version with pole operated yoke

The Superpanel Dual Color 30 is the LED panel that will make your professional shooting much easier. The technopolymer body, reinforced with carbon fibre, makes it robust and suitable for an intensive use. All Lupo lighting products are available with a pole operated yoke for use in television studios of all sizes. The operation of the Superpanel pole operated yoke is simple, effective and reliable over time. All models with pole operated yokes are supplied with a 28 mm spigot.

Tuneable white. Variable colour temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K

Very lightweight and compact (just 3.7 kg), easily transportable with their dedicated padded bags, they can be used in every shooting situation thanks to their operation with batteries or on the mains (universal 90 V — 240 V AC; 14,8 V — 24 V DC). The dedicated long life battery allows for a full power operation of about 1.7 hours. The weight of the battery is only 800 g and can be carried (along with chargers and accessories) in the same practical bag used for the Superpanel. The battery power connection is via a 4-pole standard XLR connector at the back of the panel.


All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of accessories: batteries, v-locks, battery chargers, softboxes, carrying cases, tripods and clamps. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for Superpanel Dual Color 30.

Now with RDM protokol & Blutooth Long Range:

  • Bluetooth Long Range is a long range wireless technology standard that is used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over long distances using UHF radio waves in the ISM bands, from 2.402 to 2.48 GHz, and building personal area networks (PANs). Bluetooth Long Range has several advantages over standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh technologies. 
  • Remote Device Management (RDM) is a protocol enhancement to USITT DMX512 that allows bi-directional communication between a lighting or system controller and attached RDM compliant devices over a standard DMX line. This protocol will allow configuration, status monitoring, and management of these devices in such a way that does not disturb the normal operation of standard DMX512 devices that do not recognize the RDM protocol.

The most powerful and versatile LED PANEL 30×30

*Manufacturer claim – June 2016

SUPERPANEL are the new concept LED panels with the latest technology surface mount LEDs with high color rendering and high TLCI value studied especially for video and tv studios. SUPERPANEL models emit a tremendous amount of uniform and surrounding light. They are extremely lightweight, compact and easy to handle and they can be conveniently used inside or outside of the studio with AC adapter or lightweight V-mount batteries.

Lupo SUPERPANEL with AC adapter or with battery


SUPERPANEL models use selected LEDs with  accurate color temperature and with high CRI and TLCI value.

Lupo Superpanel LED daylight and tungsten color spectrum

Media gallery

Expert reviews

  • / 26 Oct 2016
    Lupo Superpanel – the new 1×1 LED panel output king?
    "The 1×1 Superpanel LED from Lupo really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With a huge output for a battery powered 1×1, and good colour rendition, it really is hard to overlook if you are looking to buy a new portable LED light. Having so much output means you need can easily add diffusion to make it useful in many shooting scenarios."

Included in the box

Complete of yoke, power supply mounting bracket, 24V AC adapter power supply with ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE 5600° K to 3200° K and with luminous intensity control by LOCAL DIMMER.

Recomended compatible accessories for Lupo SUPERPANEL DUAL COLOR

Lupo 420 V-Mount adapter plate for Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights

Lupo 420 V-Mount adapter plate for Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights

V-Mount adapter plate for Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights.

The V-Mount battery plate is an essential accessory for lithium battery-powered equipment. It accepts all standard V-Mount batteries. The plate incorporates a D-Tap output socket for the power lead (4-pole XLR) which is connected to the back of the Superpanel when you decide to power it DC. It can be attached to the back of the fixture in a matter of seconds and its structure is sturdy and robust.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate
Lupo 421 160Wh V-Mount Battery

Lupo 421 160Wh V-Mount Battery

High Quality Li-Ion battery V-mount, made for Lupo SUPERPANEL. SUPERPANEL special battery supplies energy for about 1,7 hrs of illumination at full power. Very lightweight (only 800 gr.) and compact. SUPERPANEL special battery can be charged in about 5 hrs with the expressely built battery charger.

Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.
One year warranty included!


This charger works with Lupo 95 Wh and 160 Wh batteries. The same charger can be used to charge all batteries recommended for use with the Lupo range of models.

  • Battery charger for V-MOUNT battery for LUPOLED, DAYLED and SUPERLIGHT.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It is suitable to be carried during travels.
  • It can completely charge v-mount battery battery in about 3 hrs.
Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate
One year warranty included!
LUPO 313 POWER CABLE (2-Pin D-TAP) for Lupo V-mount battery

LUPO 313 POWER CABLE (2-Pin D-TAP) for Lupo V-mount battery

2-Pin D-Tap Power Cable with XLR 4Pin to connect V-Mount battery to Lupo Superpanel or Dayled.

The D-Tap cable allows you to connect the battery to the unit. The cable is equipped with a 4-pole XLR connector that is inserted into the corresponding 4-pole XLR on the back of the models.

Suitable for all Lupo Superpanel models and Dayled 650 & Dayled 1000 models.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate


Diffuser for all Lupo SUPERPANEL models.

The diffuser is an inexpensive and practical accessory that fits all models of the Superpanel range. You can attach it to the fixture in a matter of seconds and with it you can have an even softer and more diffused beam of light, without shadows. This accessory will make your Superpanel extremely versatile in any shooting situation.

Complete of knobs for mounting on the panel.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate


The barndoors are a practical and ideal accessory that allows you to have a total control on the beam of light of the fixture. With them you can shape the light in total freedom. Very easy to attach to the main body of the fixture, these barndoors are lightweight but sturdy and robust.

Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.


The Compact Stand is one of the most compact and practical stands for shooting on location or in the studio, with its wide footprint (100 cm) and 20-mm leg tube diameter. This stand is ideal for shooting videos and interviews and for use in photography and filming. Its moderate weight (it is made of electro-welded aluminium tubes) guarantees ease of handling and portability, while also ensuring stability and safety.

The Compact Stand is ideal for all models in the Lupoled and Superpanel ranges, for the LED Fresnels Dayled 650 and Dayled 1000 and for the HMI Fresnels Daylight 400 and Daylight 800 models. It can also be used safely with all models in the Lupo range.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate
Lupo 425 SOFTBOX for Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights

Lupo 425 SOFTBOX for Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights

Lupo SOFTBOX for all Lupo SUPERPANEL LED lights.

The softbox is an ideal accessory to make the light beam soft and completely uniform. It can be fixed on the body of the Superpanel models in a few seconds and does not require other accessories. Made with care in all details, it is a professional piece of equipment that will be used both in the studio and for external shooting. The same softbox model fits all Superpanel models of the Lupo range.

Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.
Lupo 426 Egg Crate Grid for Softbox

Lupo 426 Egg Crate Grid for Softbox

Snapgrid for Lupo Softbox

The egg crate grid can be used with the softbox for LED Fresnels (Dayled 650, Dayled 1000 and Dayled 2000) and with the softbox for Superpanels.

The egg crate grid is an important and professional accessory that gives you complete control of the light beam. It only takes a few seconds to attach this robust, high-quality device to the softbox. With this accessory (attached to the softbox) there will be no limits to your creativity.

Normally ships in 10 to 14 days.


Padded bag for Lupo LUPOLED and SUPERPANEL panels.

This padded bag is conveniently divided in many section and can contain:

  • LUPOLED or SUPERPANEL batteries
  • battery chargers
  • V-mount adapter plate
  • 24V power supply for LUPOLED or SUPERPANEL
  • power supply adapter plate

With Lupo padded bags for LED panels you can take your Lupoled or Superpanel fixtures wherever you like. With each bag you can carry two LED panels of any model and there is space left for some of your other accessories.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate


Die-cast aluminium clamp painted black with 16 mm (5/8") hex seat and 1/4" and M6 threads. Complete with flat adapter. The clamp weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) and has a maximum load of 15 kg (33 lb). It can be adapted to fit tubes with a diameter of between 15 mm (0.51 in) and 55 mm (2.17 in). This clamp is ideal for professionals who need a practical, robust and easy-to-use accessory.

Delivery time: please contact us for an estimate

About the Manufacturer

Our company is official Lupo reseller. Lupo is a leader company in the construction of LED lighting systems for photography, video and TV studios and since its very first approach to the LED technology it concentrated on the high quality of the light and in particular on the color rendering. More information about Lupo lights can be found on our Lupo page.

Lupo LED, Fluorescent and HDI lights, panels and fresnels


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