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Remote LAN production



Remote production enables directing or video mixing and camera control, even if we are not in the same room as the recording facility / studio. With the help of SRT and NDI technologies, production can be done via the Internet, either locally or globally.


This simplifies the logistics of all connections and at the same time optimizes the cabling required for video transmission and control and powering of cameras. In the LAN implementation, we are talking about using the Internet network locally. With one cable (ethernet) we power the camera, transfer the video to the mixing desk and control of the camera.



LAN configuration of PTZ cameras with NDI protocol using










LAN configuration with camera control over IP



In the WAN implementation, we can send video via public Internet connections to a remote studio, which can be located anywhere in the world, and from there we also send instructions to cameramen or. we operate the cameras.


This method of production can simplify production and optimize production costs. Both LAN or WAN production uses the standards we know when using the Internet and upgrades to use video, such as SRT and NDI.


To configure your remote production system, contact us at and describe your needs and wishes.


More about REMI (Remote Production Over the Internet, WAN)

Remote JVC PTZ Connected Cam/Streamstar System

Remote JVC PTZ Connected Cam/Streamstar System

  • latest JVC PTZ HD robotic camera with 20x optical zoom, NDI / HX, SRT, H265 and H264
  • AV signals are transmitted and cameras are controlled via the Gigabit LAN. With one connecting cable (UTP) we transmit Audio / Video signal, remote control of cameras, tally signal and power supply of cameras
  • RM-LP100 camera controller allows frame adjustment, zoom, focus, Iris, Shutter, White Balance
  • NDI mixer Streamstar allows mixing at the same time 4 NDI sources, graphics, audio mixer, live streaming, multiview, recording
  • NDI / HX HEVC compression provides quality image and low network load and allows the use of Gigabit LAN
  • the Netgear Gigabit AV switch is optimized and ready to distribute AV signals over a LAN
  • recording the final program allows the Hyperdeck Studio recorder to SSDs or SD cards
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