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Zixi - Live Broadcast Video Over IP From Anywhere to Anywhere

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Live Broadcast
Streaming over IP

Zixi is a proven network and video aware SW platform that enables the simple, economical, and secure delivery of broadcast quality video over the internet to any device over any distance. The world's top broadcast, digital content and video processing companies rely on the Zixi platform in a wide variety of use cases including:

  Live event production
  Primary contribution
  ENG news gathering
  Network monitoring, and broadcast distribution workflows
  Backup and disaster recovery


Zixi enables broadcasters, media companies and content originators the ability to do content contribution at satellite and fiber operating metrics with internet based economics and availability.

Content contribution is the critical first step in the live video workflow, yet it remains a challenge for many who may not be able to use traditional contribution options due to cost or availability. Zixi solves those challenges with a cost effective contribution solution that enables live event and live linear customers to send content to and from practically anywhere in a simple and cost effective way.

Zixi does this by enabling real time streaming of broadcast quality content over an unmanaged IP network, including the public internet, at latencies, security and reliability comparable to satellite and fiber. This capability results in a significant reduction of the transmission costs compared with satellite and fiber alternatives while also lowering operational costs.

In addition, by using Zixi, content can be accessed anywhere a wired or wireless internet connection is present, enabling contribution of new content that can be used for entertainment, advertising and marketing purposes within a live broadcast or on a digital platform.
Key Benefits:
  • High Quality Over IP
  • Low Latency
  • Ease of Use
  • Economical
  • Broader Reach
Key Uses:
  • Live Sports
  • ENG News Gathering
  • Live Event and Primary Contribution
  • Satellite Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
Zixi Contribution


By leveraging Zixi for high quality distribution over IP, broadcasters, live event producers, and media companies realize significant cost, operational, and quality benefits. Zixi enables one to many distribution by leveraging a cloud or on premise Broadcaster to transcode, transmux incoming Zixi streams, and deliver over any distance, multiple bit rates and protocols to any device.

Robust Scalable Distribution Platform
When it comes to distribution, Zixi supports several capabilities including Adaptive Bit Rate streaming which dynamically adjusts stream rate to adapt to changing network conditions, using unicast or multicast, to meet specific application requirements. Zixi supports multiple-formats including MPEG-TS re-multiplexing (for professional IRDs), RTP - RTP streaming + SMPTE2022 FEC.

Production Simplified

Zixi enables media companies to deliver content from the venue, from any device (mobile, encoders, cameras), at broadcast quality, over any distance securely. Zixi can process content (transcoding, transmuxing), store content, and all at scale using built in clustering and load balancing. Zixi can then deliver those files in different bit rates and protocols to any device anywhere which helps broaden the reach while realizing cost reductions compared to fiber or satellite.
Key Features (Cloud or On-Premise):
  • Transcoding
  • Recording
  • Clustering/Load Balancing
  • Slate Insertion/CC
    (through All Mobile Video)
  • VOD and TimeShifted Playback
  • Network Analytics
  • Delivery to Production Tools
    (Levels Beyond Reach Engine)
Key Benefits:
  • Easy Integration into existing workflows
  • Broadcast Quality Delivery from any device
  • Delivery to any device anywhere
  • Broader reach over IP
  • Economical vs. satellite and fiber
  • Shorten Production Timlines
  • Proven and Reliable
Key Uses:
  • Live Sports Production
  • Live Event Production
  • OTT delivery
  • House of Worship
  • Enterprise Video

The Zixi EcoZystem Partner Program

Zixi EcoZystem Partner Program provides leading manufacturers of hardware and software platforms designed for encoding, decoding, processing, and managing content the tools to enable live broadcast quality video delivery over IP, securely, at low latency, over any distance.  Zixi is a software platform that can be embedded at the point of acquisition (Zixi Feeder™) and the point of consumption (Zixi Receiver™) to any device or solution, hardware or software,  to provide point to point, or multi-channel point to point links for the purposes of contribution, distribution, backup, disaster recovery, file transfer, Enterprise video, and OTT delivery over IP.  

Zixi video showcase

Zixi Solutions and Components

Zixi Feeder

Zixi Feeder

Zixi Feeder software resides at the point of acquisition, and is either embedded inside Zixi EcoZystem partner encoder HW or SW, built inside a camera (no back pack or field pack required), or can sit side by side with any non-Zixi enabled encoder or camera.

Zixi Broadcaster

Zixi Broadcaster

The Zixi Broadcaster serves as a central hub for management, processing, and distribution of content in various formats. The Zixi Broadcaster Platform, available as a service running on Premise on a Zixi Appliance or as a CloudService (SaaS), accepts encoded video from Zixi Feeder.

Zixi Receiver

Zixi Receiver

Zixi Receiver, like Zixi Feeder, is a lightweight software tool that runs on standard PC hardware or can be embedded into a wide variety of professional decoders and mobile devices as part of the growing Zixi EcoZystem.

Zixi Pipe & Link

Zixi Link & Pipe

The point-to-point Zixi-Link™ solution is a one-way, secure, single channel, distance-agnostic connection between Zixi Edge Points™ (ZEP) – Zixi Feeder™ and Zixi Receiver™.

Zixi Server Appliance

Zixi Server Appliance

Zixi Server Appliance is designed to run the three components of the Zixi product family: Zixi Feeder, Zixi Broadcaster Platform, and Zixi Receiver. Combined with Zixi Broadcaster platform, Zixi Server Appliance delivers thousands of streams in a fully redundant and scalable manner.



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